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Anne Raak

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I designed the PURPOSE BRAND FORMULA to help Spiritual Entrepreneurs Build and Manifest their Dream Business, based on their Numerological and Astrological values.

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A visionary formula of astrology and numerology

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Ready to Craft a Business Vision that Manifests your Dreams?

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Book a free Brand Vision coaching sessions to get clarity on your dreams, identify what prevents you from attaining your goals, and make a plan to get there. Free coaching available for a limited time, so secure your spot!   

"I went from confusion to clarity in record time. The Purpose Brand Formula is a profound tool to craft a coaching concept in alignment with your purpose. 

Through interpreting my Purpose Brand  Blueprint Anne “hit the nail.” She SAW me, my potential and my purpose, and helped me to nail my unique concept and visionary Brand."

Bergen, Norway, 09.12.2018

Ingrid Malene Liavik, 

the lawyer-coach

From Powerlessness to Mastery


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