Dr. Anne Raak



Education and Spirituality

I am trained as one of the first homeopathic doctors in Norway back in 1984, as a coach, psychotherapist, nurse, group and family therapist, and has served individuals, families, couples and groups for the past 3o years by applying astrology, numerology, the work of Byron Katie, TFT, hypnosis, homopathy, reflexology, coaching and psychotherapeutic techniques for decades. My spiritual journey started when 26, more than 30 years ago. The search for spiritual expansion has given my life purpose and direction. I have gained profound insights from overcoming existensial crisis and conflicts through my life. I have raised and started anew countless times, overcome sever social anxiety and childhood traumas, transitioned from Invisible to Invincible in my own life and empower clients to do the same, to stand out as invicible Pioneers with a mission to impact Humanity.



I have gained deep insight on how negative thought patterns, inherited patterns and traumas interact in the psyche and body from practising homeopathy over the past 30 years. I offer online homeopathic consultations internationally to heal physical and psychological ailments and diseases.


Coaching, Psychotherapy and Family therapy

As a coach and spiritual councelor I assist you in claryfing your goals and overcome obstacles. As a psychotherapist I assist your healing from traumas, negative thought patterns, and challenges. As a family therapist I help you heal your relationship and family relations.


Healing journeys to John Of God in Brazil

I am trained as a group therapist and have organized spiritual group trips to the famous medium John Of God in Brazil over the past 5 years.


Online programs and Retreats

I reach a global audience through my Online program;

Pioneer on Fire and plan to include retreats in power-places to empower you to uncover your Life Purpose,

create a Soul-aligned Power-Brand and Stand Out

as an Invincible Pioneer and Impact Humanity



Sedona USA


Tour guide at Casa De Dom Inacio Abadiania Brazil

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